July 13, 2011

Izakaya Fu-ga

Whoever created the concept of "happy hour" deserves a million hugs and kisses... at least from me.
From the quaintness of Mignon and the sophistication of Drago Centro to the all-around-comfort of Beer Belly and "gimme-more" effect of Spitz, happy hour in downtown LA has yet to disappoint.  Perhaps I've just been fortunate in hitting up the right places, but in any case, I'm glad I've been spending my hours happily. Izakaya Fu-ga, you are no exception.

After ordering a few glasses of (requisite) wine, J and I sampled a few items on their HH menu...

Green Mussel Dynamite - $2.99

Chicken Kara-age (aka - Japanese Fried Chicken Nuggets) - $3.99
Japanese Pork Rib Tacos - $3.99

The mussels, karaage, and tacos were all tasty and great for sharing!  But the highlight of the evening was actually off the HH menu: Deep-fried brie cheese, lightly-breaded in panko. 

Deep-fried Brie - $6

Have I died and gone to heaven?

Like most cheese dishes though, you'll have to eat the suckers up quickly, lest the cheese will harden and it will become less appetizing.

Overall, all the dishes were well-portioned, flavorful, and good.  Izakaya Fu-ga also has some great lunch deals too!  Go, go go.

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cuisine: Japanese
location: Little Tokyo
happy hours: Everyday, 5:00 - 7:00 PM
website: { Fu-ga | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: validated underground parking
notes: The entrance isn't easily seen from San Pedro. Just find the stand-up sign on the sidewalk, walk the few flights down, and be greeted by a great hidden gem.  Also, HH all night on Mondays and Ladies' Night on Tuesdays (50% off desserts; $2 off select cocktails)!