July 09, 2011


My downtown happy hour list is still long, but slowly, I am making my rounds.  Bonjour, Mignon.

Mignon is a teeny wine bar, located right next door to Cole's (the famous French dip place that I've still yet to try), and true to its name, it is indeed very "cute."

A few things to know: Everyone sits around the bar/ preparation station.  The happy hour menu is no different than the regular dinner menu except that certain dishes and drinks (identified with an asterisk) are marked down to $5.  The decor is simple, but cozy.  The service is friendly.  And perhaps a bit random, but the closet of a bathroom is decorated quaintly. Best of all, the food was very tasty!

 Smoked salmon, cucumber salad with fresh mint

Baked eggs w/ creme

Bresaola w/ citrus and arugula

Croque Monsieur (French ham, raclette, and bechamel sauce)

Their menu changes often so go check them out while these delicious treats are still there!

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cuisine: French tapas-style wine bar
location: Downtown LA
hours: Everyday from 5:00 PM - midnight
website:{ M | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: There are several nearby lots.  Main & 6th ($5) or Spring , btwn. 5th & 6th ($3)
note: get the baked eggs!