November 04, 2010

Papa Cristo's

Top 5 Reasons why you should check out Papa Cristo's Big Fat Greek Thursday dinners:

1. Wine-tasting - Greek wine is so underrated.
2. Big portions - They aren't joking when they say "big, fat"
3. Wide variety - Taramosolata w/ pita, chicken & lamb, potatoes, green beans, fresh-baked bread, feta, dolmathes, green and black olives, plenty of tzatziki sauce, baked feta in phyllos pastry, and of course, baklava and coffee to end.
4. Entertainment provided by a belly-dancer and closet belly-dancers (audience participation is highly encouraged).
5. Didn't finish? Take it home!

Total comes to ~$22 (tax/tip included).

The best reason, of course, is to meet the adorable Papa Cristo, endearingly referred to as "Cris," and bask in his absolutely warm presence.

Taramosolata: traditional spread made from carp roe cavier - tasty!

Greek wine tasting

Dolmades: grape leaves stuffed with veggies & rice, olives, feta cheese

Potatoes, lamb, green beans, chicken, Greek salad

Just asking for an immediate food coma

The best ending: baklava

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cuisine: Greek
location: Koreatown
hours: T-Sat: 10am-8pm; Sun: 9am-4pm, closed Mon.
website: { Papa | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: small lot
note: This is a great place to pick up a quick lunch, but the best deal is on Thursday nights!