July 09, 2011

Drago Centro

As much as I enjoy eating good food, the best part is sharing the experience with good company.  There's something priceless about bursting out in laughter and being completely silly in an up(per)-scale downtown restaurant.  Granted, it was during happy hour and alcoholic bevs were involved, but even still, good friends are invaluable.  But since this is a food blog and not a sappy, feel-good blog, let's get down to business.

Mini Kobe Burgers w/ fontina cheese and mushrooms - $6

Sausage, squash blossoms, mozzarella pizza - $4

Smoked salmon plate w/ creme, and crostini -  $5

Fellow foodie/fatty pap in the background

Chocolate mousse w/ basil gelato - $10
 Not pictured: Marinated olives; prosciutto flatbread panini (w/ provolone, black truffle butter, arugula).

Out of everything, the salmon plate was my favorite.  The salmon is well-baked flaky and buttery.  Add a chunk on a crostini, top with creme; eat; wash down with a sip of wine - perfection!

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cuisine: Italian 
location: Downtown LA
happy hour: all day, until closing (9:30pm)
website: { bar menu | yelp }
attire: bus-casual
parking: underground parking lot (City National) - free 3-hr validation