January 29, 2012

SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa

I love sushi, and I try to eat it often.  { gogenhara; hama; komasa }
Since I (barely) survived five months of being sushi-less,* I practically jumped with glee when my friend suggested SUGARFISH as my first official meal back in LA.  "Trust Me"?  No problem.

Tuna Sashimi

Salmon (2-pc)

Albacore (2-pc)

Halibut and Yellowtail (1-pc, each)

Yellowtail and Halibut (1-pc, each)

Toro hand roll

Blue crab hand roll

You can order sushi a la carte, but every time I've eaten at SUGARFISH (which is not often enough), I've ordered one of the set "Trust Me" menus.  It's simple, it's fresh, and as chef's choice, it's deRicious!

Good sushi involves fresh fish and rice.  But SUGARFISH goes beyond that.  First, the chef uses warm sushi rice.  The warmth of the rice softens the tastebuds and invites the rich flavors of the fish in all the right ways.  It makes a world of a difference.  Next, SUGARFISH uses the highest of high quality fish; each delicate piece melts in your mouth.  Some sushi are already prepared with a hint of sauce and scallions.  The taste balance is so perfect that there's no need to reach for additional soy sauce or even wasabi.  Simple, fresh, delicious.

Even for a chain restaurant, this place knows how to stay on top of its game.  Congrats SUGARFISH, for always delivering.  Speaking of, while they don't actually deliver, they have a take-out menu, which is also evidently spectacular.

* There is sushi in London, but given its price and quality, I chose to wait until I returned home.  No regrets.

cuisine: Japanese
location(s): Brentwood, MDR, Downtown
website: { SF | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: lot
notes: Not only is the food good and the ambience inviting, my experience is only elevated by great service.  They have the terrific trifecta.  Go and enjoy.