April 06, 2011

Turkey Wontons

I bought ground turkey the other day for $1.99.  Yes, $1.99.  No, there was nothing wrong with the meat -- the "sell by" date is this Friday so I guess Ralphs deemed it worthy to be  a "Manager's Special."  I can't complain. 

There are many things you can do with ground turkey.  You can include it in white chili, tator tot casserole, or a hearty bolognese sauce (recipe to follow).  While certain things like meatballs and meat patties hold better with 80/20 ground beef (the extra fat helps!), ground turkey can always be a great substitute for those seeking a lean meat with less sodium and fat content.  This is what I told myself as I stuffed the "lean turkey" mixture into wonton wrappers to... deep-fry... in veggie oil... yes.

I had second thoughts about sharing this recipe for these deep-fried golden nuggets of deliciousness, not because I'm that selfish, but because well, there isn't a recipe.  Rather, I took the following three recipes and generously added them into my bowl of naked ground turkey.  Unfortunately, I'm not brave enough to taste raw turkey to see if the seasoning was sufficient, but...

Thankfully, the turkey was perfectly seasoned!  Perfectly!

As I said it once before, take the plunge and do your share of experimental cooking.  It's fun. :)

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