April 08, 2011

Going Green: Challenge Accepted.

As I face an event-packed weekend after an even busier week, several thoughts cross my mind.

To begin with, who, in their right mind, picks a bed of lettuce and veggies over a plate of juicy pot roast or "rustic" cheesy mac n cheese?  Who limits their food intake to a half a plate of food at an amazing buffet restaurant? (yes, those actually exists).  Who makes healthy substitutions while eating out without being a complete hassle to the chef and his/her staff?

The answer to all of the above is: People I respect and admire.

Because let's be real.  No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, there is very little appetizing about a stalk of raw broccoli or a shot of wheatgrass.  We rarely crave celery or flaxseeds.  But there's no denying that frequently eating (drool-inducing) foods like chili cheese fries, AYCE KBBQ, and beer-battered fried chicken will do your body no good -- if not now, definitely later.

So starting today, I shall embark on my culinary adventures of healthier cooking, baking, and eating.  Not simply because I'm told that low-caloric, low-sodium, low-fat, no cholesterol dishes can not only look, but also taste good, but because there ought to be a stronger connection between good-tasting foods and good-for-you foods.  Admittedly, I still have my share of doubts... but I hope that by the end of this "challenge," I will have more knowledge, better health, and better faith in the possibility of ever becoming a vegetarian or vegan (in myself).*  Whether you're trying to reduce your BP, BMI, cholesterol numbers, or wanting to feel and look more fit with summer just around the corner, I hope you will join me too!

Let's do this! 

*Don't worry.  I don't plan on converting to vegetarianism or veganism.  I also don't plan on eating like a bird or a hamster.  (To the extent the former two sentences are correlative, I'm not too sure).  I'm just thinking and believing in more balanced and healthier meals!

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