March 02, 2015

Black Hogg (Brunch)

Off Sunset.

Early birds catch #1 & BYOM Stumptown coffee for $1!

Brunch is served!

Korean Fried Chicken & Chive Waffles; angle 1.

Korean Fried Chicken & Scallion Waffles, angle 2 -- with spicy maple syrup -- $13

Kimchi Sauteed Rice Bowl with bacon -- housemade kimchi, heirloom rice, sunny egg, housemade bacon, crispy potatoes -- $13


I have been a fan of Chef Eric Park for quite some time.  Whether it be the OG Black Hogg (dinner), Hero Shop/ Yero Shop (banh mi/ chicken & rice, holla), Sopressata (lunch sandwiches), or Black Hogg redux, dubbed ROOTS, Chef Eric Park is innovative, bold, and receptive.  His dishes feature some of LA's freshest and finest while paying tribute to the Korean culture in slight, but resonating ways.  As a Korean-American, I respect that.

In addition to all of the above, the good news is that the delights at Black Hogg can be enjoyed every week (for Weekend Brunch) starting this March! That gives you time to sleep in a bit, roll out of bed, put on something somewhat socially-acceptable (and for Silverlake residents, that could very well mean what you wore to bed), grab a mug (for the BYOM $1 Stumptown drip coffee, of course), and perhaps wipe the sleepy expression off of your face (maybe).  The toughest part of this whole process will be having to choose one item to feast on once you get to the restaurant.  A close second might be finding parking, but there are usually street meters open on Sunset Boulevard.

While all of the brunch items sound deliciously promising, the Kimchi Sauteed Rice Bowl with the generous slab of juicy bacon and the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) with Scallion Waffles and spicy syrup are clear winners.  Enjoy the tasty and flavorful food (via Korea) and then make your way back home to brush your teeth and wash your pretty face.  :)

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Let Black Hogg help remind you.

Black Hogg on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Korean-inspired American
location: Silverlake
websites: { BH | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
breakfast hours: Sat/Sun only.
parking: Street meters
attire: Casual
notes: It's self-serve during the day, so order at the counter, grab a number, and grab a seat.  Coffee-drinkers, Bring Your Own Mug for $1 Stumptown drip coffee ($2 for refill option).

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