December 11, 2012

Black Hogg

Black Hogg, we finally meet!  I don't know why it's taken so long, but your recent acquisition of a liquor license probably played a role.  Congrats on that, and congrats on serving delicious food!  We shall meet again, if anything, for your "Banh Mi Hero," which is indeed a new hero in my life.

2008 Red Tail Ridge Lemberger

This was my first Lemberger, and though I don't have anything against it, I've decided I don't love it as much as I love my Cab Sauvs, Merlots, or even Pinot Noirs.  A couple of notes: First, there are functioning vineyards in upstate New York? (Seneca Lake, NY).  Second, if you're going to sell wine, Black Hogg, please don't double the price from retail value.  Did I still help finish the bottle?  Naturally.  Wine, I love.  Snob, I'm not.

Uni Toast -- Santa Barbara uni, Plugra butter, scallions, Maldon salt -- $13 (2 pieces)

Pork Belly Tacos -- Roast pork belly, housemade corn tortillas, apple slaw, jalapeno relish -- $10 (2 tacos)


Banh Mi Hero -- Mortadella, Capacola, Pate, Gochu (pepper) slaw, runny egg -- $14

Cast Iron Chicken and Fries -- Half free range chicken, fries, pan drippings -- $19

Churros Con Chocolate -- $8

Of everything I ate, I rank the dishes in this order: (1) Pork belly taco, (2) banh mi, (3) Uni, (4) Chicken, (5) Churros.  It wasn't that the chicken and churros were bad, but the pork belly, banh mi, and uni were just better.  The pork belly was roasted perfectly, and the apple slaw and jalapeno relish gave the taco just the right amount of heat.  The pate + gochu slaw in the banh mi is what made it so delicious.  Spicy, but delicately salty, it complimented the rest of the ingredients well.  The fresh uni worked so well with the butter.  They could have gone a little easy on the scallions, but that's minor.  The churros came with semi-sweet/ dark chocolate, which is how it's done in Spain.  Yay for authenticity!  As for the chicken, it was juicy and I liked how they preserved the pan drippings to retain the moisture, but it wasn't the highlight of the night, though the highest priced.

Noticeably missing are the infamous popcorn bacon and the bone marrow.  In my defense, bone marrow was not on the menu.  And I passed on the popcorn bacon because as much as I love bacon, I just wasn't feeling it that night (what's wrong with me?!).  Maybe I'll give it a try next time...

Last, but not least, Black Hogg's having a special December deal where they will open your BYOW bottle if you bought it from Silverlake Wine, which is probably my favorite local wine shop!

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cuisine: New American Gastropub (while dabbling with other cultural flavors)
location: Silverlake
hours: T-Sat, 6pm-11pm (closed Sun and Mon)
websites: { BH | yelp | twitter | facebook }
parking: Street (meter)
attire: Casual
notes: No reservations; Not good for groups bigger than 6; I like how their name is "Black Hogg" (double g), but their logo is of a white lamb.  Ironic or just... hip?
other reviews: { J. Gold | LAT | One More Bite }