March 03, 2015

Found Coffee


Fellow coffee drinkers, rejoice!  There is a new coffee shop opening in Eagle Rock (where's that? click here), and though it may be too early to make definitive conclusions, I'll bet my money that it will become LA's next newFOUND (coffee) gem.

Simple menu with the essentials.

Cookies and pastries are from Creme Caramel LA!

Check out the gorgeous color of that La Marzocco espresso machine!

Demitasse drip coffee & my very first cortado (front).

Found Coffee not only serves a high quality cup of joe, but the best part of this grand opening is that it all happened through the help of the community.  Read/ learn more about Found Coffee's inspirational story here.  Support local businesses, y'all!

(Hi, Annie!).  :)

type: Artisan Coffee
location: Eagle Rock
soft opening hours: Sun-Mon: 8am-3pm; Tues-Sat: 7am-7pm
websites: yelp | instagram | twitter }
price: Approx. $3-5
attire: Casual
parking: Free parking lot right in front!
notes: Pastries are courtesy of Creme Caramel LA.  Cash only for a limited time.
other reviews/ articles: { daily coffee news }


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