July 06, 2014

Tsurumaru Udon

In the somewhat deserted, but currently under-construction Little Tokyo Galleria, an udon shop on the third floor stays busy serving tasty bowls of comfort food.  Tsurumaru is arranged cafeteria-style: you decide the kind of udon that you want, you place your order, you pick up a tray, grab your udon at the pick-up window, add any other toppings (tempura), and pay.  It's simple, casual, and cheap.

Cafeteria-style Tempura

Regular-sized Niku Udon (#1 bestseller) -- fresh-made udon with beef and topped with green onions -- $5

The above-pictured Niku Udon is Tsurumaru's #1 bestseller.  It consists of hand-made udon noodles and beef and onion in beef broth.  Despite the simplicity of ingredients, the taste is fresh and satisfying.

Regular-sized Curry Udon -- basically the Niku udon with curry -- $6

Unsurprisingly, the curry udon packs in more flavour (but also more sodium) with the scoops of curry that is mixed in with the beef broth.  While it's similar to the Niku, there's an added dimension both in sight and taste.  Neither leave you feeling bloated on MSG which is a plus.

 One can argue that there are better udon shops in Little Tokyo, and maybe they are right, but if you're looking for a fast food place that doesn't feel too rushed, Tsurumaru Udon Honpo is for you!

Tsurumaru Udon on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Japanese udon
location: Little Tokyo
hours: M-Th, Sun: 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm
websites: { yelp }
parking: Free validated parking lot
price: $
attire: Casual
notes: Don't forget to return your tray after your meal.

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