May 06, 2013

Marugame Monzo

What makes a bowl of udon perfect?  Some say everything depends on the chewy texture of the thick wheat-flour noodle.  Others say the flavor of the broth is the deal maker or breaker.  Regardless of what you fancy more and whether you're udon aficionado or not, you simply know when you're eating a satisfying bowl of udon.  For example, I just knew that my bowl of beef udon from Marugame Monzo was good, deliciously good.

Located right next door to the famous Daikokuya, Marugame Monzo also specializes in noodles -- except instead of ramen, we're dealing with udon.  The lunch and dinner menus are essentially the same except that the dinner menu includes photos and more choices.  The lunch menu is essentially decided into four udon categories: hot; cold; specialty/ signature; and salad.  There are also extra sides you can add to your udon.

Chicken Tempura 

Shrimp Tempura

Kake Udon -- the simple base udon to which you can add tempura or other toppings.

Duck Nanban Noodle -- $12.95

Well-seared duck piece.

Beef Udon -- $7.95

I liked my beef udon for its simplicity.  It includes udon broth (consisting of a light soy sauce, dashi, and mirin), thick, handmade noodles with the perfect amount of chewiness, and tender pieces of beef that gives off a sweet aftertaste.  The portion is great too.

Welcome to Little Tokyo, Marugame!  I hope you stay for awhile.

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cuisine: Japanese
location: Little Tokyo
websites: { yelp | facebook }
parking: Street or private lots
attire: Casual
other reviews: { darin dines | tasting table }

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  1. Love this spot! I'll have to try the beef udon next time. And the uni one I keep hearing about.