July 08, 2014

JiST Cafe

Breakfast food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and linner.  
I first visited JiST Cafe shortly after they opened the doors to the public (last summer).  I was instantly hooked.  Maybe it is the hot skillet full of roasted potatoes, fatty chashu (pork belly), and the perfect soft-boiled eggs.  Maybe it is the nice, shaded back patio for enjoyable outdoor dining/ people-watching.  Maybe it's the sweet Japanese grandma who greets you with a huge smile that comforts you to the core.  It's likely all of the above.

Cool architecture.

Friendly faces.

Chashu Hash Skillet -- breakfast potatoes, chashu pork belly, and a pair of 6-min (soft-boiled) eggs -- $12

Perfectly soft-boiled. 

Katsu Sandwich -- panko-encrusted, deep-fried pork cutlet with shredded cabbage and Kewpie mayo -- $11

Thick pork cutlet hiding underneath the mountain of cabbage.

Half-size of Grandma's Chopped Salad with chicken -- $9

Angeleno Veg Scramble -- Brussel sprouts, garlic, mushrooms, tomato, potato, lemon segments -- $9

Comes with a side of toast.

Porky Omurice -- Fried omelet rice with peas, hickory ham, and demi glace sauce -- $10

Half-size of Grandma's Chopped Salad with pork belly chashu -- $9

Yummy Bonito fries.

Croissant Ham Sandwich -- with hamburger meat and demi glace sauce and soft-boiled egg

Small bowl of chili with half of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Ooey, gooey, buttery, goodness.

Outdoor patio (shading available).

Come here, and come home.

It's been awhile since I dropped in for lunch, but it'll be difficult to go wrong with any of the dishes (unless you order something you know you'll despise).  They also serve Stumptown Coffee (my fave)!  Enjoy the generous portions, sweet service, and casual dining at this small, but impressionable Little Tokyo brekkie spot!

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cuisine: American with a Japanese flair.
location: Little Tokyo, LA
hours: M-F: 7am-3pm; Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm
websites: { JiSTyelp | facebook | twitter }
parking: Street meters or one-time fee parking lots ($5-$8); lot right across the street is $1/ hour.
attire: Casual
seating: Indoor (limited) and outdoor patio
notes: Order, take a number, and be served. 

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