July 22, 2014

Shop House

"The Asian Chipotle" is how they describes themselves, and accurately so.  Like Chipotle Mexican Grill (its parent company), ShopHouse Kitchen takes (Southeast) Asian flavors and marries them with a wide variety build-your-own-bowl options -- choices, a hallmark of American culture.

ShopHouse was, and is, a hit in Washington, DC and it's a well-received in LA, too.  With two locations so far, ShopHouse allows room for creativity of experimenting with Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean, and Malaysian flavors within a quick and casual dining environment.

Oh, be careful what you order -- they aren't shy when it comes to heat.

ShopHouse Hollywood.

Brown Rice bowl with chicken & pork meatballs (5), charred corn, green curry, green papaya slaw, Thai chilies -- ~$7

Cold Rice Noodle Bowl w/ chicken satay, summer squash & Thai basil, pickled veggies, tamarind vinaigrette, toasted rice, and herb salad (cilantro & Thai basil) -- ~$7

Up close and personal.

Rice bowl...


As shown above, the portions are sizable and the bowls can end up being very colorful.  I highly recommend the chicken-pork meatballs -- very flavorful!  If you like pack on the heat, go for the green curry (spicy) and the Thai chilis (even spicier).  There are plenty of options for the spice-intolerant and the vegan or vegetarian.  More about the food here. If you really have no idea what to get, they usually have daily suggestions.

If you're shopping on the Third Street Promenade or catching a movie at ArcLight Hollywood, give ShopHouse a try!  Hopefully, they'll start expanding to other locations soon.

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Southeast Asian
location(s): Hollywood, Santa Monica, Westwood (also in Maryland and DC)
hours: Daily, 11am-10pm
websites: { SH | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
parking: Street meter ($2/hr until 8pm)
attire: Casual
price: Under $10
notes: Feel free to sample some of the options to see if you like the flavor or can handle the heat.

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