January 02, 2012


Positive eating + positive living.  Not a shabby motto to live by, if you ask me.  But translated from Japanese, it means "willful naughty child."  Oh, the irony.

Wagamama is essentially a canteen-style restaurant where food is usually ordered and served quickly.  Despite its wild popularity, I wouldn't quite call it a "must-try" place in London.  That said, if you're in the mood for some decent noodles (stir-fried or in a broth) at a reasonable price or need a place to seat a large party of friends, Wagamama may be your place.  The good service is also a perk.

My favourite go-to is the ramen.  Pictured above is the Seafood Ramen, which is a bowl full of noodles in vegetable broth with grilled shrimp, salmon, whitefish, and marinated squid.

Wagamama on Urbanspoon

Multiple locations throughout London, worldwide too!  The only US locations (all three) are in Bahston, my old stomping grounds.  Fitting, if you ask me.

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