January 02, 2012


This Angeleno's greatest fear in temporarily living in London for five months did not relate to the weather, the Brits, their sense of humour, or even the horrid exchange rate.  Rather, my "fear" was related to good food (naturally), or specifically, the lack thereof.  Turns out, I didn't have too much to worry about... except when it came to Mexican and Asian (non-Indian) foods.  Knowing this would likely be the case, I preemptively stocked up on all the authentic Mexican and Asian food my love handles could fit (they grow) and my heart (cardiac arrest from carne asada and AYCE KBBQ? Tragedy) could handle.

Still, I am weak.  There was simply no way I could go five months without inhaling (at least) a taco or burrito.  So I checked out the only Chipotle in town... and was disappointed.  When I came across Chilango, a new, Chipotle-like chain, during my lunch break, I ventured in with a hungry appetite but more controlled hopes.

I opted for the carne asada burrito sans beans and rice, but with extra grilled veggies.  The flour tortilla was warm and fluffy, and enveloped the fresh ingredients quite nicely.  But soon realized that the no-beans and rice deal was a mistake.  Sometimes, oft-times, when eating Mexican food, albeit "Gourmet Mexican" fare, you just have to cave in for the "less healthier" option.  Have to.

In any case, Chilango was better than UK's Chipotle, but scored the same with US' Chipotle.  In theory, it's the same thing after all.  While I can't say my Mexican food cravings were completely satisfied, I can say they were temporarily kept at bay.

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