September 12, 2011

Monmouth Coffee

Coffee is one of those delicacies that can be divided into three general categories: (1) Amazing; (2) Decent; and (3) Nasty.  Unlike other foods that can also fall under these broad categories, coffee is different because the aftermath of drinking said coffee can really make or break your entire day mentally and also physically.  I.e. - bad coffee can really mess you up.  (I guess this argument can still be made re: food, but just work with me ok?).

I'm not coffee-obsessed such that I NEED to drink it on a daily basis.  And I'm pretty sure I will never request a daily IV-injection of caffeine for the sake of utility and general function.  But perhaps purely for taste and aroma, I do gladly welcome a good cup of jo every once in awhile.  Monmouth, you have joined the ranks of Intelligentsia and LAMILL.  Thank you and congrats.

A line out the door in the middle of a weekday = good sign

A fine selection of goodies

Much more than mere eye-candy

I exercised self-control this time

I don't know much about the art of coffee-brewing except that filtered coffee from quality coffee beans equals my ability to drink the cup black.  Typically I like to stir in a little milk or even a sachet (yes, they call it sachet here) of sugah, but if it's good, I can go au naturale.  And au naturale is always better.

So as you can see, I became a Monmouth convert pretty quickly, and I bet you a cup that you will too.  In fact, you too may deem the greatness to touch your lips "liquid gold" (term a la my lovely flatemate, A).  If you're in Covent Garden, the Borough, or Bermondsey (where is that anyway?), you would be doing your un-caffeinated self a huge disservice.  If you aren't in that area, get yourself over there!  Sit inside (though cramped) or outside on a bench or have it for take-away.  It will all be worthwhile.

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Monmouth Coffee Company (Covent Garden) on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Coffee
cost: about 2 quid for a small cup of filter coffee
location(s): Covent Garden (also located in Borough Market and Bermondsey)
Tube station: Covent Garden
websites: { MC | yelp }
attire: Casual
seating: Very limited
notes: "Best coffee in London?"  Yes.  Overrated?  No.  Need to try it at least once before you die?  Is that even a question?

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