September 16, 2011

Mental & Physical Challenge: Doah's Hungry --> Doah's Crazy?

I am registered for Tough Mudder SoCal 2012 (Feb. 25, 10:00 AM heat). 
I'm either off my rocker or as my friend so keenly put it, I'm just a "tough mudder-fukker." 

This "not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit crushing endurance road race" is about five months away... and I haven't really wrapped my head around the idea of training... though the thought definitely crossed my mind when I awoke this morning with a taste of panicked regret ('What the heck have I done?!'). 

Even though I run an average of 5 miles, 3 times a week, I realize that I need to drastically up my training if I want to survive the test, much less be somewhat alive the day aftah.  I was also informed (somewhat alarmingly) that my diet will also  have to change.  To my dismay, I've already received a list of "What To Eat" from a fellow trainee.  Furthering my dismay, gelato, chips, chili cheese fries, and Haribo candies are NOT on that boring list.  I pray that he will not send me a "What to Avoid" list because that list will hurt me A LOT.

There are a number of reasons why I've paid money to, more or less, torture myself.
2012 will be a trying year for me (hello California Bar Exam).  In an effort to prep for the nearly-abusive (mental and psychological) process, I've decided to push my mental and physical limits too (go big or go home?).  I am loco.  I admit it.  But at least I own up to it.  Plus, let's not forget that training for this might just put me in the best physical shape I've been in my entire life... and I'll still be able to eat like a beast (yay carbs!).  So don't worry, the food I consume may have a slight face-lift (healthier is better anyway?), but this blog won't suffer as a result of it.  Woohoo! 

If you have any interest in joining me on this journey, let me know!  It'll be quite the experience.



  1. You can do it Doah! You are much stronger/braver/tougher/crazier than I!

  2. I came across your site from Kevin's - I thought I would let you know where the out of the blue comment came from haha. I think it's awesome that you're doing tough mudder, what does your friend think you "have to eat"? One of the best parts of hard training is the food you can eat :D

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