September 27, 2011


I emerged from work one Tuesday, craving a juicy hamburger.  With Byron's or GBK on my mind, I hurried my way home.  But before I reached any of those destinations, I ran into Giraffe.  And of course I got distracted, especially after I saw the 'any burger for 5.50 GDP' deal.  Hi, I'm sold.


love. eat. live.

Cheeseburger (melted jack cheese) with a side of skin potato slices

Cheeseburger (melted jack cheese) topped with a fried egg

Cheeseburger (melted cheddar) topped with avocado slices

Giraffe burger (dry smoked bacon and melted aged cheddar)


The menu is solid, the burgers are solid, but the service lacks severely.  In fact, the servers seem to suffer from something akin to short term memory.  Perhaps it's normal by London standards, I'm not too sure.  To be fair, things do get a little crazay in da house during Burger Tuesdays, but there's something to be said about being forgotten - you never like it.

Even still, Giraffe is a place worth visiting, given it's "world appeal."  Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Go find out.

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cuisine: New American/ International
location: Bloomsbury (among other places throughout London)
Tube station: Russell Square
websites: { G | yelp }
attire: Casual
seating: Good for groups
notes: I've only been here for burgers, so my advice is skewed.  But from my limited knowledge, I can tell you Tuesdays can be a great or a terrible day to go for dinner.  If you do decide to brave the crowds and endure less than pleasant service, go before 7:00 pm to take advantage of the half off happy hour deals. 

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