September 11, 2011

Hummus Bros.

Week 4 in London and I still haven't had fish & chips or any other traditional English food for that matter.  This isn't because I think I'm high and mighty for anything short of always amazing food, or even 'cause I believe pub food is sub-par, but because there are so many more appetizing choices out here!

Take for example, Hummus Bros.  There're a number of reasons why I love this place, but here's my top three: (1) They're nice; (2) They're affordable; and (3) They serve some delicious food in an interesting concept!  Best of all, the Bloomsbury location is a good stone's throw away from my flat so it makes for a great place to tuck in for a bite.

It's an extra bonus if you're a student like me!  1/2 priced drinks or starter with a main dish.  Plus, free wi-fi.

Mint & Ginger Lemonade 

Mixed Greek Salad 

Hummus with Chunky Beef

Hummus with Chicken & Guacamole

The main event at HB is unsurprisingly hummus so if you're not a fan of chickpeas, I'm inclined to send you elsewhere.  That said, even if you know you don't like hummus, it might be good to check this place out to see and understand their interesting concept with having typical main dishes as their "topping."  Further, you may end up liking something that you thought you previously disliked.  With fresh ingredients and flavorful choices, you just never know.

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Hummus Bros on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Mediterranean
location: Bloomsbury (multiple locations)
Tube station(s): Russell Square
hours: M-F: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
websites: { HB | yelp | twitter }
attire: Casual
notes: All of the toppings are great, but the chicken and guac combo was stellar.  HB is good even for those who are gluten-free!