April 13, 2011

Half & Half Tea House

Regular taro milk tea with pudding and honey boba.

After our dim sum feast in Monterey Park, my fellow APALSA presidents and I decided a second round of dessert was necessary.  So we went downstairs to Half & Half for a "bucket" of bubble tea in straight-up fatties4lyfe fashion.  (Typical).

Bubble tea, also simply known as boba, is a Taiwanese drink, popular amongst many Asians and even non-Asians.  The "pearls" or "boba" are black tapioca rice balls that sit at the bottom of your drink.  Basically, you eat them while you drink your tea.  (it may sound strange, but it's pretty ingenious).  While the taste is not memorable, the texture provides an interesting, chewy contrast.  As for the tea, your choice of flavors are endless!  You can go fruity (strawberry, mango, passion fruit, peach, lycee, etc.), non-fruity (taro, chocolate, pudding, lavendar, mocha, etc.), or just plain milky.  All are quite tasty.  But Half & Half is particularly special because you can choose half of one type and half of another! (hence its name).

This is the regular size?! Holy moly. It's a mini BUCKET!

Ready for my afternoon tea - Asian style!

The only downside is that this place can get ridiculously packed and the line, grossly long.  Maybe you won't find your "bucket" o' tea worth a 20+ min. wait, but I say at least give this place a try.  I found my drink quite tasty and refreshing.

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cuisine:  Taiwanese drink
location: Monterey Park
hours: M-Th, Sun: noon - midnight; Fri-Sat: noon- 12:30 AM
website: yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: free lot
notes: CASH ONLY!  Also remember to shake it, shake, shake it like a polaroid picture before you puncture the top with your straw. :)
try: Honey boba.