April 10, 2011

Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant {Dim Sum}

The key to a good dim sum experience is to go with Chinese people who (1) speak Chinese and (2) have no shame in hassling the waiters and waitresses.  Contrary to belief, dim sum is not about politely waiting for the carts holding your fave dishes to come to you.  Rather, it's about being assertive and yelling across the room for cha siu bao (bbq pork buns) and shumai.  (only half kidding).  In other words, don't be shy. (haha).  Thankfully, I was part of such a group.

As the only Korean at the table, I happily noshed on new plates being added to the lazy Susan (who's Susan anyway?) while people around me ordered all sorts of delicacies (including tripe, but no chicken feet this time).  Because I was so busy stuffing my face, I don't have photos of everything we ate.  Still, you get the picture(s)...

Siu Bao

Har gow

Pork ribs

Lau sah bao

Lo mai gai


BBQ pork

Fried taro balls

Fried seafood medley

Har cheong fun 
After feasting for a few hours, the total came out to about $10/person (7 people).  Not too shabby considering $10 might get you one sandwich on the Westside.  Thanks, SGV!  You always remind me of how Asian food should taste and be priced!

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cuisine:  Chinese
location: Monterey Park
website: yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: free lot
notes: Try to come early so you don't have to wait to be seated.