November 15, 2010

Stay Informed

This blog constantly evolves each new day. Perhaps the erratic turns it seems to take only shows my inability to stick to one theme and purpose, but it also reflects my eagerness to share recent food news with ya'll. Glass is always half-full, right? Yes.

1) G-20 Summit is in Seoul, Korea.  link  Instead of serving kimchi and other Korean delicacies, the organizers have decided to serve a "simple Western-style, three-course meal." Persimmon-fed and raised cattle - simple? Naturally.

2) Porto's #3 is here!  link

3) Giada and Mayer? Please, no. Mayer, why can't you just keep your pants on?  link

4) Foodies, the newest club in town.  link

5) Constant battle on the streets re: LA food trucks. Perhaps bad for consumers and truck-owners, but good for me because it provides more resources for my law review article - woo!  link

6) New sushi place on Sawtelle selling everything for... $2.50 - what?!  link

7) Thanksgiving, one of my all-time favorite American holidays, is coming up very soon. Have you collected all your best recipes?  link

8) Jonathan Gold's "99 Essential" list is out for 2010.  link

9) This is a cheat, but there are so many interesting news courtesy of Poor Taste. Like, SPAM on a cruise ship? I mean, times are bad, but not that bad... right?  link

10) As a Korean, making your own kimchi is a must (or so my mama says). I can't say I've made it on my own yet, but one day, I will be a pro... maybe.  link  I just realized I came full-circle (inadvertently!). Yehyeh.

And... that's a wrap! (a chicken wrap - mmm)
Have an excellent Monday, everyone.

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