November 28, 2010

The Great Search [Burgers]

A few summers ago, I was on the hunt for LA's best burger. After all, LA is the Burger Capital of the World.  In three months, I hit up 12 burger joints in the Greater LA County, spanning from Pasadena to the Valley and down to the South Bay. Suffice it to say, I not only sayonara-ed meat for a month, (I'm pretty sure my cholesterol level was pushing unhealthy numbers) but I was able to whittle down my list and name my "Top 3" according to quality of ingredients, overall taste, presentation, service, and bang fo' zee buck.

The Foundry

25 Degrees

Golden State

via a hamburger today

My Top 3 Then
1. Hinano Cafe {link} - best classic
2. The Foundry {link} - best gourmet
3. 25 Degrees {link} - bougie burger with best ambience

But things change with time.

My Top 3 Now
1. Irv's Burgers - Sonia, the (Korean!) owner, writes you a personalized message!
2. Hinano Cafe - while some things don't [change].
3. Golden State {link}
Honorable Mention: Apple Pan's Hickory burger {link}

*EDIT* I don't know HOW I managed to forget, but In N Out also belongs somewhere on both lists (I'd says 1(a)) {link} - thanks so much for reminding me, Lois!

Still on the List:
  • Cassell's {link}
  • Umami Burger {link}
  • Hawkin's Burger {link}
  • Literati Bar & Grill (Thursday specials!) {link}
  • Five Guys {link}
  • Hole in the Wall Burger Joint - SM {link}
  • Blu LA - Downtown {link}
  • Westside Tavern - Century City {link}
  • Oinkster {link}
  • The Place {link}
  • Comme Ca {link}
  • D-Town Burger Bar {link}
... the List that never ends...

For you, burger hunters:

What are some of your favorite burger joints? Any suggestions that I should add to my list?