December 07, 2010

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream

During finals season, there are two things I intensely crave: salt and sugar. To my dismay, these cravings transform into a beast of its own (the uncontrollable kind), which basically results in my binge-eating on every kind of junkfood within my reach (or my "wingspan" for my fellow CrimPro-ers).  This concerns me for a minute, considering I sit on my bum all day, but alas, no one has judged me yet for my ridiculous eating habits or the extra pounds I pack on... and I don't expect you to either, thanks.

To make matters worse (or better?), lately I've been eating ice cream as if my life depended on it. After hearing rave reviews about this Persian ice cream place in Westwood, I had to check it out. Of course I dragged my eager eaters-in-crime with me. (hi, hi!) :)

Choices, choices, galore!

Saffron, white rose, lavender, cucumber... ice cream flavors?! Yes, as unconventional as it may sound to us, Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry lovers, here are top three reasons why you should set your hesitation aside and give S&R a try.

3. Top-notch service. Not only were we warmly greeted upon stepping foot into the shop, but Fred fed us samples of every notable flavor. This was good because variety is good, but bad because it made our decision all the more difficult. The hospitality was refreshing though, because such service is shamefully uncommon at most LA eateries.

2. This hole-in-the-wall ice creamery doesn't have much to tantalize the eye, but what it lacks in decor, it makes up ten-fold in the taste and texture of its ice cream. The owners pride themselves in their ice cream being 100% organic, which I know is no lie because of the delicious creaminess. The flavors are distinct, and at times, it feels like your mouth and airways were infused with perfume... but in a non-over-powering way. It's like eating a flower in ice cream form... but not being as bizarre as it sounds. If you want to fancify your ice cream, add Faloudeh rice noodles or poppy seed slush mixed with a shot of lemon juice and wild cherry (non-alcoholic) liqueur, and top it off with a scoop or two of any ice cream. Yumz!

1. It's a family business. I have love for big, flourishing companies that make America who she is, but I have lotsa love for the "under-dogs," who work hard to provide great products without skimping on the quality. This shop has been around for four years now, and the Kashani-Raffi's (sp?) are still going strong. With their winning hospitality and unique product combo, they can push any worry of closing up shop off to the wayside.

Saffron pistachio & Guava strawberry between wafers, ice cream sandwich style

Saffron pistachio & Lavender in a cup - classic

Guava strawberry & Cookies and cream n a cup, with wafers on the side

Dare I say it, this may very well be my favorite ice cream place in LA right now... Scoops Westside, I shall try you next.

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cuisine: Persian ice cream
location: Westwood
hours: M-Sun: 9am- 10:30pm
website: { yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: street