July 17, 2010

Hurry Curry of Tokyo

Fried Chicken Pasta (sauteed mushrooms, onions, green bell peppers, corn, served with sake-battered chicken and special white sauce)

With the Old Town Pasadena now dunzo and replaced by some vegan place, the Sawtelle location is the last man standing. But I have a pretty good feeling Sawtelle won't close its doors anytime soon. Three words: Fried Chicken Pasta. Or Chicken Cutlet Curry. You really can't go wrong.

Let's be real. Curry is really not too difficult to make. But unless you're making the 10-min from-the-box curry, which surprisingly, does enough to satisfy that midnight craving (not that I would know anything about that), good curry takes effort. So when you can find a place that does it so effortlessly, why toil over it at home, right? Thank you, Hurry Curry of Tokyo (not to be confused with Hurry Curry, the other Asian yumminess).

Fried Chicken Curry (sake marinated chicken, battered and served with rice and curry)

They have a wide variety of meat choices (beef, chicken, pork), seafood (fish, shrimp), as well as good options for vegetarians (eggplant, tofu, spinach, mushrooms). I usually order chicken because the batter that they use infuses the sweet (I'm guessing from the sake + sugar marinade) and the salt so well together. Bravo!

Most, if not all, of the meals come with a side salad which is often drenched in their house dressing. The real deal sealer is the sweet red picked radishes. The crunch of those little devils really adds texture to your meal and enhances the flavors of your meal overall.

Chicken Curry (shredded juicy chicken chillin' in curry)

The Chicken Pasta, Fried Chicken Curry, or Chicken Cutlet Curry rarely disappoint. Evidently, the above-pictured Chicken Curry was no bueno (yes, one or two words really do make a difference). So, unless you want to just eat shredded chicken, opt for something else.

Lastly, they have excellent after-dinner candies. I'm not talking cheapo dinner mints, but legit, high-demand Japanese candies. Yep, I review even the post-dinner mints. Every little details influences the eating experience, folks! :)

cuisine: Japanese
location: West LA
website: { Hurry Curry | yelp | menu}
good for: D
cost: $10-15