July 17, 2010

Dim Sum Truck

I love dim sum. Notwithstanding the hectic and loud service, I love the food (dumplings galore!), and I love the whole concept of ordering stuff off a cart as the servers circle your table. Some people would much rather just order one thing and be good for the rest of the evening, but as an avid eater who enjoys the whole dining experience as a gastronomical adventure, it's a piece of heaven.

Now there is dim sum on a truck. Ingenious.
It's cheap, it's quick, it's easy (head out of the gutter, guys).
The best part? It's actually good!

Har Gow

Check out their twitter page to find out where they are next!

cuisine: Chinese
location: all over LA
website: { twitter | yelp | review }
good for: L, D
cost: $3-5