July 04, 2010


famous blueberry ricotta pancakes { food network

Delicious brunch, lunch, and dinner make me so so very happy. Perhaps that's why I immediately fell in love with bld. The modern chic interior deco with a hint of WS comfort was also a significant contributing factor. (just take a look at that adorable honeybee honey holder. I am sucker for such novelties!)

Tea and coffee are served French-pressed. The plating is simple yet elegant. There is a full bar. The server was pleasant. Food came pretty quickly. While prices are on the higher side, I think every cent was justified with every bite.

In short, you must go and eat here. And call me when you do because I am coming with you whether you like it or not. :)

Right top to bottom: 
Baked French Toast: berry compost, cream cheese, and... bacon?! w/ maple syrup. yumz!  

Eggs Florentine: creamed spinach, crispy fingerling potato w/ peppered hollandaise

Fresh Veggie Salad: edamame, jicama, corn, red bell peppers, toasted cashews, avocado, hemp seeds and daikon sprouts w/ rosemary vinegrette

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cuisine: American
location: Mid-Wilshire area
website: { bld , yelp }
good for: B, L, D (duh)
cost: $10-25