July 04, 2010

Blueberry Pie

I don't typically make pies mainly because they take a lot of time and effort (why of course I make my own dough!). But I've decided, I shall start a tradition and make blueberry pie on every 4th of July. Mind you, the first time I ever made blueberry pie was last year, but you gotta start traditions somewhere, sometime, right?

I've also decided I will try out a new blueberry pie recipe each time. (I am so adventurous). I don't remember what recipe I used last year, but I'll share with you what I used today.

Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations, everyone!
God bless America!

blueberry pie recipe: [ simply recipes ]
pie crust recipe: [ simply recipes ]

Left: My very first blueberry pie ('09)
Below: 2010 Blueberry pie (ooh lattice top!)

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