August 26, 2015

littlemeats LA Sunday Supper

Often I'm asked the infamous questions, "What are your favorite restaurants in LA?" or "Where is the best _______ [insert food dish here] in LA?"  Equally I often respond with the following questions: "What cuisine?", "What neighborhood?", "Casual or upscale?"  The fact is, as the second-largest U.S. city, our City of Angels is brimming with people from different cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities.  A beautiful byproduct of such diversity is a city full of authentic cuisine, featuring a variety of countries and usually found in ethnic and cultural enclaves from the 1 to the 210, the 118 to the 605.

While I enjoy checking out a new hot spot or dining at a restaurant already dubbed as one of "LA's finest," what I love most about food is its innate power to move people to share, connect, and form lasting memories, some of which have nothing to do with the food.  So I was instantly intrigued when I learned of the Sunday Supper series hosted by littlemeatsla.

In a loft located near Lincoln Heights, which functions both as their home and workspace, the husband and wife team of Johanna and Robin Chang have coupled the concept of Sunday Supper (i.e., communing and breaking bread, prepared with love) with the passion, talent, creativity, and curiosity of Angelenos.  littlemeatsla is "a creative space based in Los Angeles that gives passionate artisans a platform to bring their ideas and products to the spotlight."  And the Sunday Supper series allows cooks and chefs to serve simple, but thoughtful dishes in a comforting ambiance.

I got to enjoy Stevie Cho's home-cooking during my visit.  The nearly three-hour meal consisted of four-courses including smoked salmon and avocado toast, pulled pork gyoza with pineapple tomatillo, 14-hour smoked Austin-style brisket, soy sauce pickles and sweet potato croquettes with a kimchi puree, and persimmon pudding with vanilla wafers.  Everything was delicious, but this omnivore especially enjoyed the fatty, but perfectly smoked beef brisket.  Make sure you save enough room! (Don't get greedy with the snacks/ appetizers).

Beautiful setting -- both on and around the communal table.

Cook and assembly line, hard at work.

Smoked salmon & avocado toast to snack on.

Red onion topping to mix things up.

Appetizer: Pulled Pork Gyoza with Pineapple Tomatillo

A clear example of a LA fusion dish, showcasing Korean/ Japanese, Mexican, and a little Texan cuisine.

A welcome and intro by our chef for the night, Stevie Cho

Side: Sweet Potato Croquette with Kimchi puree.

Side: Cucumbers and Onions, pickled in soy sauce.

Careful carving.  Also, what's BBQ without Wonder Bread?

Main: Sliced 14-hour Slow Smoked Beef Brisket atop a slice of fluffy Wonder Bread.  Yes.

Let's eat! 

Dessert: Hachiya Persimmon Pudding w/ Nilla Wafers. 

Well Done, Team.

Food was great, decor was on-point, but the company was best.  I got to chat with a hotel manager, an engineer, a stay-at-home mom, a photographer, a fashion designer, and a visitor from NYC.  There wasn't a single lawyer in the room (which was awesome)!  In that moment, for a few hours, with a cross-section of LA, was the beauty of community.  If you're interested in experiencing such communal dining, let me know -- we'll go!

Some other things to know:
  • Suggested $20-$25 donation to support their cause and make Sunday Suppers sustainable (but any amount accepted).  Payment via cash or Cover only.
  • BYOBeverage.  Cool disposable stemless wine glasses provided.
  • In true family dinner spirit, you may be asked to assist in small serving/ cleaning tasks.
  • Free street parking!
  • If it's important to you, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy moments.
  • There are two friendly cockapoo's roaming around.  
  • First come, first served basis. Space is limited!
  • Email for all inquiries about hosting your next event to RSVP for the next available Sunday Supper.


Stay hungry for food; hungry for Life.


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