September 17, 2014

République LA

I'll keep this simple because honestly, République already has an arsenal of glowing reviews (some of which can be found here, herehere, here, and here).  The Manzke husband-wife duo has brought yet another successful restaurant to Angelenos.  Not only is the new culinary digs housed in a beautiful space, but it serves French food that reverts you (or at least me) back to Paris in a single bite.  The meal may be pricey, but it's worth your money because as most know, high quality = high satisfaction.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting République during the day for a lovely Sunday brunch.

Chill atmosphere during the day.
Unlike evening service, breakfast and lunch (i.e, brunch) is much more casual.  You stand in a queue (that typically goes out the door) until you reach the cash register to place your order.  The length  of the queue, and the speed in which it moves (slow) are not that suspect, but the placement of the queue -- alongside the alluring display of Margarita Manzke's masterpieces -- is strategically brilliant.  So by the time you reach the register, not only are you salivating, but you'll likely walk with at least two delightful treats.  (Yes, I am victim to this -- one canele and chocolate fudge bundt cake, please).

Window display of various goodies, greeting you upon your arrival.

So... many... things... that... I... want...

Everything looks glorious, doesn't it?

As if we haven't seen enough bread/ baked goods.

Daytime menu.

Walter's Favorite -- soft-boiled eggs, poblano chili, half a baguette, butter, jam, orange juice, and coffee -- $12

Walter (aka - the chef) understands the beauty behind a simple, but fresh breakfast.  The perfectly poached farm eggs swim in what almost seems like a poblano chili soup.  Dip a piece of baguette into the delicious sauce/ soup, which less barbaric than gulping it down (which I may or may not have been tempted to do).

Regular Breakfast -- two eggs (scrambled), bacon steak, fingerling potatoes, and baguette -- $12

Another excellent traditional choice is the Regular Breakfast.  Although the components of the dish is more or less "regular," the tastes that come together with each bite is far from ordinary.  Plus, bacon steak (not just bacon) is involved - yes, yes, yes! 

The desserts (not pictured because we inhaled them) are also delightful.

Although dinner at République will be a different experience -- one I cannot speak to yet -- daytime dining is highly recommended!

République on Urbanspoon

dine-in date: 9/7/14 at 1pm (Sunday brunch)
cuisine: French
location: Mid-City
hours: Bfast/lunch: M-Sat, 8am-3pm; Sun: 8am-4pm. Dinner: M-W: 6pm-10pm, Thu-Sun: 6pm-11pm
websites: { Republique | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
parking: Valet ($5) or street meters
attire: Casual
prices: $10-$20 for brunch

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