September 17, 2014

Pine & Crane

In the heart of Silverlake -- yes, Silverlake -- and not far from Sunset Junction, there is a small cafe that serves tasty Taiwanese food at reasonable, almost comparable to SGV prices.  I consider this a huge win for everyone, particularly Silverlakers (Silverlakans?).

Why hello, Pine & Crane.  I'm so glad to have finally met you... and all the wonderful things you have to offer.

Wait in line to place your order, grab your number, and find a seat.

Finding a seat may be tricky; don't be afraid of communal seating.

Simple, easy-to-read menu.

Side Dishes on display.

Wood Ear Mushroom Salad -- a cold refreshing summer salad that have a crunchy texture and plenty of nutrients.

Marinated Cucumber -- also a crunchy, refreshing summer salad.

Three Cup Jidori Chicken -- with Chinese basil, red pepper, sesame oil soy sauce, and rice wine -- $12

Beef Noodle Soup -- with beef shank, baby bok choy, and preserved mustard greens -- $9

Perfectly-cooked, springy noodles in a broth that was surprisingly refreshing and flavorful.

Beef Roll -- $6

Mapo Tofu -- with Kurobuta pork and Sichuan peppercorns (v) -- $9


Potstickers -- stuffed with Kurobuta pork shoulder and Taiwanese cabbage -- $6

Minced Pork on Rice with soy-braised egg and house daikon pickle -- $6


All of the rice dishes (mapo tofu, jidori chicken, minced pork) come with a side of rice and the beef noodle soup is lip-smackingly good (oh, that broth).  The one dish that happened to be subpar in the above picture is the minced pork, not because it is horrible, but because everything else outshines it.

Although Pine & Crane may not be the most authentic and best Taiwanese food offered outside of Taiwan, there's something awfully charming about this casual, yet hip eatery.  And coupled with food that is carefully prepared and served, it's certainly a noteworthy place to write home about.  Grab a couple of friends and enjoy share a meal, family-style.

Pine & Crane on Urbanspoon

cuisine: Taiwanese
location: Silverlake
hours: Everyday except Tuesday; noon-10pm
websites: { P&C | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
parking: Street
attire: Casual
price: $5-15
must-haves: Beef noodle soup; Mapo tofu
tips: No reservations. Don't be afraid to sit near/ with strangers. It's all about sharing the dining experience. Seating outside is also available, but order your food to-go. They're vegan/vegetarian-friendly.  Lastly, they serve alcohol!
other reviews: { LA Weekly | darindinesEating LA | e*star LA | LA Times }


  1. I can’t believe I still haven’t been here yet. I’m such a bad Chinese-American!

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