November 20, 2013


Similar to its namesakeCanelé is small and dark on the outside, but sweet and comforting in the inside.  How can you not like a place with a sign that reads "Meals at All Hours"?  Home sweet home.

Open kitchen.

As previously mentioned, the dining space is small.  Also, Canele does not take reservations.  Consequently, you could be faced with a long wait just to be seated.  To try to avoid this, get to the restaurant a few minutes before they open. They're might be a line already forming, but you'll be seated within 5-10 minutes as opposed to 30-40 minutes. In other words, it's worth it.

Oxtail hash with Gruyere, horseradish creme fraiche, and fried eggs -- $15

Shrimp & Grits w/ fried egg and toasts -- $16

Baked pancake with Meyer lemon custard -- $8

Both the savory and sweet dishes were delicious, but the baked pancake came out top.  The lemon custard was neither bitter nor overly sweet, and the baked pancake was fluffy, but still substantial.  Since sharing is caring, I suggest you order a few different dishes to dine family-style.  I'll have to return to see what they offer for dinner.  Until then, thanks Canele, for being a [somewhat] hidden gem! 

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cuisine: American
location: Atwater Village
hours: Dinner & Weekend Brunch T-Th, Sun: 5 PM - 10 PM; Fri-Sat: 5 PM - 10:30 PM; Sat-Sun: 10 AM - 3 PM
websites: { Canele | yelp | facebook | twitter }
attire: Casual
parking: Street meters
notes: No reservations, so go early or be prepared to wait.
other reviews: { the actor's diet | gastronomy }

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