October 13, 2013

Seoul Sausage Company

You're in West LA and hungry for something quick and delicious, and not from a fast-food chain.  Where should you go?

Seoul Sausage Co.

Perhaps you've heard of Seoul Sausage and its founding trio, Ted, Yong, and Chris, through Season 3 of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race".  Or perhaps you've spotted it, or its long lines, while walking along Sawtelle.  Whatever it may be, the famed Seoul Sausage is someplace you want to try, at least once in your lifetime.

And today is its 1st birthday!  Congrats and thank you for sharing your passion with the LA community!

Online menu here.

Da KFC -- $8

"Da KFC" is crispy, flavorful, and all things wonderful that makes Korean fried chicken Korean.  The radish cubes offer a refreshing counter-balance to the spicy kick provided by the chicken, while the kimchi cornbread is a wonderful hybrid of Korean influence + American comfort food. Da KFC is familiar, yet simultaneously different.  Love it.

Flaming Fried Ball with "DMZ" sauce -- $3

"Flamin' Ball" is essentially kimchi fried rice, rolled into a ball, and deep-fried, arancini-style.  I expected the "DMZ" sauce to be armed and dangerous, but like its namesake, but it wasn't as crazy as expected.  The DMZ sauce is made of garlic, jalapeno, kimchi, sriracha aioli.  I'm not sure if a single ball is worth its rather steep sticker-price of $3, but it undeniably makes for a great snack.

Handmade Kalbi Sausage -- $7

True to all of the raving reviews, the Kalbi sausage is simple, but lip-smackingly satisfying.  The roll is toasted perfectly, and the ratio of carb to protein is perfect.  Although I'm not a fan of mayo-based ingredients, the aioli melded everything together well.  

I'll be back later to try the the rest of the menu items, especially the "poutine."

The only need for improvement is the space.  Though the walls are adorned with colorful pictures and paintings, the space is small and seating is very limited.  Still, it isn't enough to keep me away, and it shouldn't dissuade you either.  

Make Sausage, Not War!

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dine-in date: May 5, 2013; noon
cuisine: Korean fast food
location: West LA
hours: Daily, noon - 9:30 PM
websites: { SS | yelp | facebook | twitter | insta }
attire: Casual
parking: Street meters or free street parking, but read signs carefully!
notes: After a satisfying meal at Seoul Sausage, consider its next-door neighbor, Blockheads Shavery for a yummy shave ice dessert!
other reviews: { backyard bite }

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