October 14, 2013

Blockheads Shavery

I love shave ice.  Regardless of whether it's Hawaiian shave ice or Taiwanese shave ice, I will inhale that stuff before it can even think -- to the extent ice can think -- about melting.  When I'm in West LA, Brian's Shave Ice and Blockheads Shavery are my go-to's, respectively.

Blockheads even has a special mascot, this cutie owl!  (Wait, is it an owl or a penguin??).

"So cute," indeed.

If that doesn't persuade you to try Blockheads' "snow cream," perhaps the following description will:

Blockheads Shavery combines the fine texture of Hawaiian shave ice with the creamy goodness of ice cream to create a unique treat we're proud to call Snow Cream. Made in-store by our certified Snow Cream gurus, we blend the freshest ingredients and shave each block only when it reaches the optimal temperature, ensuring every serving meets the highest of standards. This detailed process creates a unique and delectable experience that will leave you wanting more! 
SOURCE. (emphasis added).
"Shave ice with the creamy goodness of ice cream"?  That's called sheer brilliance.

First-comers should not be intimidated by the ordering process, as there is a step-by-step guide on the wall.  Indecisive folks, you are less fortunate.

There are only two size options, which they dub as "regular" ($3.75) and "large" ($5.25), but really, it's more like "large" and "X-large."  They don't mess around with their sizes, and I ain't complainin'.

Here's a glimpse of the "regular," which easily satisfied two shave-ice fans.  For our shared bucket, we opted for green tea snow cream with red bean, rice cake, and a healthy drizzle of condensed milk.


It may look a bit odd, but it is so, so delicious and refreshing!  In fact, it's so tasty that you might find yourself planning your next trip while you're still finishing up what's in front of you.  I know I sound like fanatic, but there's really not much you can do to muck up creamy ice topped with sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  Also, I may be shave ice/ ice cream/ gelato fanatic, and I'm not ashamed of admitting it.

This is a rice cake ball.  It is huge.  It is like mochi without the mochi flour powder.  It is chewy, it is amazing.

So after your pleasant or not-so-pleasant lunch or dinner in "Little Osaka," aka - Sawtelle Blvd., stroll over to Blockheads for something that will most likely brighten your day, but could also eventually make you a shave ice addict.  But as Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar say, "YOLO." (click to view hilarity).

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Blockheads Shavery Co on Urbanspoon

dine-in date/ time: May 2, 2013, around 1pm
cuisine: Dessert; Shave ice
location: West LA
hours: M-Th: 12:30PM - 10:30PM; F-Sat: 12:30PM - 11PM; Sun: 12:30 PM - 10PM
websites: { yelp | facebook | twitter }
attire: Casual
parking: Street meters
notes: Need a savory counterpart?  Check out its next door neighbour, Seoul Sausage Co.!
other reviews: { consuming LA | nomnomcat | kirbie's cravings }

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