October 16, 2013

Parm (NYC)

Much to my dismay, I still haven't featured all the wonderful places from Doah's Hungry's DC & NYC Food Tour that happened... seven months ago (eek).  This may make me the worst food blogger ever, or maybe the best because I'm sharing some of the best places each city has to offer.  Take your pick! ;)

Parm is a shop that specializes in cooking up lovely, breaded cutlets of chicken, veal, or eggplant.  So while there are plenty of other yummy-sounding items on the menu, my attention went directly to this:

Full online menus here.

Since I stopped by Parm for a "mere snack," I ordered the Chicken Parm -- or what Tom from Parks & Rec calls, a "chiki chiki, parm parm" -- on a roll.  Would that make it a chicky chicky, parm parm, samdoozle?.  Anyway, a humble choice, you would think...

Chicken Parm Roll -- $9

The roll is regular-sized, but the chicken parm, covered in mozzarella glory, is almost twice the size of the bun and around the size of my face.  Wowee!  But who's complaining?  Not I.

Another angle of the impressive chicky chicky, parm parm breast.

Mainly, I'm not complaining because the sandwich is good -- really good.  The generous portion of breaded protein may not be ideal for the heart, and the soft sweet roll may not be good for the waistline, but when it's chilly outside and you want something warm and hearty in your body, this is where you go. And this is what you eat.

Unfortunately, the restaurant space is quite small, but once you're happily noshing away, you'll hardly notice that you're practically sitting on top of the person sitting next to you.  There's no such thing as personal space in NYC anyway.  But for the food, it is all so worthwhile!

More reasons to check out Parm: (1) It's owned by two Italian-American guys "who, once had a restaurant of their own, decided to cok what is a kind of soul food for them and for millions of other Americans, even those with no Italian ancestors"; (2) It's located on Mulberry Street (aww); and (3) It provides Comfort food with a capital "C."

Parm it up, friends!

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Parm on Urbanspoon

dine-in date: March 19, 2013; 2pm
order: Chicken parm; meatball parm; eggplant parm; pizza knots.
cuisine: Italian
location: NoLita | 248 Mulberry Street (btwn Spring & Prince)
subway stops: Broadway/ Lafayette; Prince St; or Spring St.
hours: Sun-W: 11AM - 11PM; Th-Sat: 11AM - midnight
websites: { Parm | yelp | facebookinstagram }
attire: Casual
notes: No reservations
other reviews: { gastronomy | just add cheese | NYT | much more }


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