June 18, 2013

Hollywood Pies

Whether it be hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, or modern fine-dining, Chicago offers a distinct style that has placed it on most culinary maps.  So what I'm about to share is a sad truth: I've never visited Chi-town as an adult.*  As a result, I'm missing out on some delicious food this great nation has to offer.  But despite this fact, I've had my share of "Chicago-style" pizza, which usually translates to deep-dish pies -- it just happens to be outside of Chicago.  Does this discredit this review?  Perhaps to a certain extent, but read on to learn more about Hwood Pies anyway.

* Apparently, I was there at the ripe age of two, but since I don't remember it, I'm told it doesn't count.

(Thanks for still reading!)
The interior is simple and small with approx. seven tables, but the set-up is clean and straight-forward. Order at the window, take a seat, and wait for your delicious pie to be made -- easy as (pizza) pie!  To avoid long waits, call in your order before you arrive at the restaurant.  If you want to avoid long waits and save a few bucks (15%), call in your order for take-out (which you obviously have to eat, taken out).   Also, there are other specials on Weds and Thurs. { specials }

There are two sizes: small and large.  The large consists of eight hearty slices.  You think it's a lot of food -- and I suppose it is for people with regular appetites and not beastly ones like mine -- but unlike traditional Chicago-style pizza (or what I imagine such to be), the crust is flakier and less oily.  Where one slice of deep-dish pizza in Chicago will knock you out for the day, you can eat three or four of these babies and still be okay (or maybe that's just me).

Here is a large Spinach pie.  Made with whole milk mozzarella, spinach, romano cheese, and fresh house-made ricotta, the pizza is surprisingly not too heavy.  I ate four slices and didn't feel grossly full (but again, maybe I just have unusual eating habits). 

Hwood Pies even offers thin-crust options.  Now I'm not Chicagoan, but something tells me that ordering a Chicago-style pizza with thin crust is like going to a BBQ place and ordering a side of veggies.  It's doable, but . . . why?!  Still, Hwood Pies offers options, and God bless America and Hwood Pies for options!

The end.

Hwood Pies serves pizza and it is good.
So what are you doing?  Go enjoy your pizza! 

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cuisine: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza + appetizers
location: West LA
hours: Wed-Thurs, 5PM - 9:30 PM; Fri-Sat, 5PM - 10PM; Sun, 4PM - 8:30PM; closed Mon/Tues
websites: { HP | yelp | twitter | facebook }
parking: Street meters
seating: Indoor/ Outdoor
attire: Casual
notes: I'm not sure if this is an advertised thing so don't be upset if I'm wrong, but BYOB and enjoy!
other reviews: { thrillist | serious eats }

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