May 09, 2012

Frog Frozen Yogurt

Friends, I apologize for being MIA for so long.  Now that I've completed all of my finals and completed law school (WOOT!), I can finally put more effort into this sliver of the Internet I fondly call my food blog. That is, until I go hide away in preparation for the big bad bar exam (it never ends, does it?).  'Til then, allow me to document some of the wonderful meals I enjoyed in the past couple of months, including delicious snacks.

Frog Frozen Yogurt is not like your typical frozen yogurt shop.  Although Yogurtland has been my personal fave for some time, there's something fresh about Frog that sets it apart.

First off, the decor is so fitting of its Hollywood location.  The graffiti mural by local Angeleno Ryan Graeff is slick, and the ever-changing LED lights create a club vibe at any time of the day. Dope.

Second, their selection of yogurt and toppings are similar to other froyo chains, but there's something about the taste -- something light and more... natural.  Delicious.

Oh, top off with some hot caramel or hot fudge?  Yes, please.

In all of my excitement, I forgot to take a photo of my yogurt.  Let's just say, it was the perfect treat on a Sunday afternoon.  You need to check it out too!

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cuisine: Frozen Yogurt/ Dessert
location: Hollywood (on Cahuenga Blvd.)
websites: { Frog | yelp }
hours: Mon-Thurs; Sun: 12pm - 2am; Fri-Sat: 12pm - 3am
attire: Casual
parking: small lot or metered street