January 07, 2012

Orixe (Madrid)

Where to eat, where to eat?

We often come across this question multiple times a day.  Some of us pore over Yelp reviews, as if a 5-star place will guarantee a well-chosen meal.  Others employ deeper research methods; everything from searching the hottest, most talked about, Michelin-star awarded restaurants to soaking in every word of reviews provided by critically-acclaimed (current or former) cooks, restauranteurs, and food connoisseurs.  And further still, others rely on sheer luck and nonchalance to stumble across a hidden gem.  The latter was our experience, annndd it worked out pretty damn well.

Orixe is a unassuming restaurant located in the La Latina neighborhood of Madrid.  The space exudes modern chic, the menu is straight-forward, and the servers are very welcoming.  Most importantly, we were famished and they offered a promising three-course meal for 20 euros.  While it wasn't mind or tastebud-blowing, it was a simple, but clean afternoon meal.  We walked away feeling pretty satisfied.

Gazpacho is a cold Spanish tomato-based vegetable soup that is mostly consumed during the summertime.  Gazpacho in October may be a bit unusual, but I welcome it any time of the year!  So refreshing.

Chicken kebob w/ a side of creme fraiche

Orixe Croquette (beef stuffed in peppers and fried)

Caramel tart

Chocolate ice cream