January 05, 2012


Here now begins the start of my Spanish adventures.
One country (Espana), three cities (Madrid, Granada, Barcelona), ten days.

Though I've cataloged my experiences in some detail (understatement) and shared them with my close friends, this is my first attempt to document all of the delightful food I ate and beverages I drank (Sangria, I love you forever). I really ought to jot down notes so I don't fumble through my entries nearly three months later, but alas, I am simply an amateur food blogger and have no aspirations to go pro. (If there are pros reading this, more power to you!).

My "water" source for 10 days straight.

My tens days in Spain consisted of eating, walking, sight-seeing, eating, drinking, eating, and more drinking.  Perhaps the perpetual cycle of eating and drinking might've been justified if I were eating fruits & veggies and drinking water, but such was hardly the case. By the time we left the land of plentiful tapas and free-flowing sangria, I was sick of pork and definitely looking more rotund. My paunch gives full credit to the following:

Fried calamari - fresh and lightly battered.

Interesting tuna mixture in puff pastry. It came out cold, so in our ignorance, we turned it back, requesting it to be heated up. You're supposed to eat it cold.

Grilled shrimp - perfectly marinated in a simple salt and lemon sauce that brought out the freshness of the shrimp

Abondigas (meatballs) with fries - greasy, but oh-so-good

Pork hash with fries and a fried egg on top - wait, do I feel my arteries clogging up?

LC, my trusty (eating) partner-in-crime resting atop more fried and sugary stuff.

This is just a glimpse of what I devoured in Madrid. The Spanish saga will continue in two more segments. Stay tuned.