June 18, 2011

Roma Italian Deli & Grocery

Rosario Roma's Famous "Sandwich" - $5.50 for a footlong

While there are great perks with living in a city that boasts an array off authentic cuisines from all over the world, there are many days when I just crave a classic sandwich.  My go-to's are: Bay Cities (Santa Monica), Mendocino's (Downtown), and now new to this list, Roma Italian Deli (Pasadena).

Of the three, Roma is the least fancy.  But don't let the unassuming interior of the store fool you.  Also, don't be deterred by their limited menu, which basically consists of "The Sandwich."  In fact, sweet Rosario, familiarly known as Ross, will make you a sandwich so delicious that you'll have a hard time putting it down - I can attest.

Bonjourno Mr. Roma!

Look at that concentration.
"The Sandwich" consists of three main ingredients: (1) deli-cut Italian meats; (2) provolone cheese, and (3) fresh Italian roll drizzled with olive oil.  Simple sandwiches are so underrated.

Deli-cut Italian meats, provolone cheese on a fresh Italian roll drizzled with fresh olive oil - scrumptious!

Of course, an Italian meal is not quite complete without a few Italian desserts. 

If you're in the area and feel like trying a no-nonsense sandwich that brings a taste of Italy to your day, Roma Italian Deli is your place!  Arrivederci!

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cuisine: Italian
location: Pasadena
website: { yelp }
attire: Casual 
parking: small lot
notes: There is no seating area, so it's best to pick up the sammies, olives, desserts, beverages and picnic at a nearby park.