June 04, 2011

Cafe Dulce

Less than two months old, Cafe Dulce brings a welcomed breath of fresh air to an otherwise less exciting part of town.  Unlike its neighboring cafe/ bakeries, Cafe Dulce offers delicious, original treats not only at affordable prices, but with simple charm.  So with Lazy Ox Canteen, Aburiya Toranoko, Spice Table, and now, Cafe Dulce, Little Tokyo is definitely on the up and up.

Why do I love Cafe Dulce?  Let me count the ways...

1) They serve great coffee.
I am not a coffee aficionado.  I'm also not an addict who would love to be hooked up to an IV for daily doses of caffeine (out of convenience's sake).  May neither of those facts disvalue my opinion of Cafe Dulce's coffee because quite simply, it is gooood.  So good that I can drink it black.  (The only other coffee I can drink black is from Blue Bottle Co.).  Plus, every morning from 7:00 - 10:00 AM for this entire onth, they're having a 50% off special on their coffee and espressos.  Good deal.

Spicy Korean Cheesesteak (w/ "secret hot sauce") - $8.50

Caprese - $7.50

2) They serve delicious sandwiches.
They're menu is not extensive - in a good way.  While I can't say it is the THE best sandwich I've eaten in my entire life, I can easily say it is not the worst.  The ingredients are fresh, the flavors are familiar, but in slight ways, different, and above all, the French bread is deliciously buttery and has the right amount of crunch.  The last thing you want is to lose a tooth while noshing on your baguette, right? Also, each sandwich comes with a few pieces of fruit on the side.

Green tea donut

Twist donut with apricot coating and corn powder

Sweet Rice Red Bean (outside)


3) They serve wonderful baked goods.
Everything from the usual Japanese red bean buns to their "signature" Green Tea donut, this place has got you (and maybe your loving love handles and double chins) covered. 

4) They serve ice cream... and ice cream sandwiches.
Want something sweet, but creamy?  Oh why hello there, Dreyers ice cream.  Like I said, Cafe Dulce has got you covered.

5) They serve (happily).
Sadly, these days it's a rarity to find a restaurant, cafe, or even a catering company that spends as much care serving their patrons as they do prepping and making the food.  Granted, good food is important, but an extra touch of hospitable service not only earns the extra gold stars, but saves a little golden nugget in the back of people's memories.  Be nice.  It's an applicable lesson to all.  Thank you, Cafe Dulce for being mindful of that.

Now, go check this place out.  Cheers!

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cuisine: Japanese/ French
location: Little Tokyo
website: { yelp }
attire: Casual 
parking: Street parking or nearby lots
get: Sweet rice red bean donut with a latte.  The red bean in baguette is also money.