May 08, 2011

Gil Mok (Corner Place)

Korean BBQ in LA = A+.  Korean BBQ with dong chee mee gook soo = A+++.  There really isn't a better balance of sizzlin' meats and a bowl of cold noodles found any place else outside of Korea (that I've tried thus far anyway).  And every Korean Angeleno knows that such a duo makes for the best summertime meal.

The banchan (side dishes) here are pretty standard -- nothing to really rave about.  

The meats are good too.  Not overly marinated, sweet or salty - check.  Tender, not fatty - check.  No overwhelming portions - check.  We ordered the chadol (thinly sliced brisket), bulgogi, and Gilmok Roast Gui (unmarinated, boneless prime meat cut to bite-size pieces that is to be dipped in a little sesame oil and salt & pepper before consuming).  We ordered 1 "in-boon" of each, which ended up nicely for our party of 6.

Chadol baegi and Bulgogi

Gilmok Gui

Sizzlin' baby
But in my opinion, the best part of the entire meal is Gilmok's cold noodles.

Medium bowl - $4.75

So what is it exactly?  Basically, it's a bowl (medium and large portions available) of vermicelli noodles, sliced cucumber, green onion, tomato in a refreshing, cold picked-radish broth.  I'm not sure how else to describe it except that it is delicious and it pairs remarkably well with the BBQ meats.  And on a hot summer day, it is the best thirst quencher there is, even topping the other famous Korean cold noodle dish: mool naengmyun.  You just have to try.  Trust.

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cuisine:  Korean
location: Ktown
website: { yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: very limited.  If you don't snag a spot try for street or the equally small lot across the street. 
notes: Not great for big groups.  Also, this place isn't AYCE.
try: Dong Chee Mee Gook Soo!