March 08, 2011

Saturday Supper Club - Cena Italiana

This entry is way overdue so I'd like to thank some of my faithful readers for patiently waiting.

February Supper Club was all about Italian. Italian food, Italian wine, Italian men... oh wait, scratch the last part. Regardless, the gathering was much fun and gluttonous -- per usual.
Just in case your tastebuds aren't overworking enough, here's a quick peek at what we ate:

Chicken Marsala made by Amy

Lasagna made by Rachel

Stuffed Shells made by Chris

Chicken Parmigiana made by Al

Pizza Bites made by Alyssa

My plate #1

Kelley's fan-freakin-tastic Tiramisu .
I promise to make this for ya'll one day because you would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you died without eating this dessert (made this particular way) at least once. Yes, it is that good.

We're going Mad for Mexican in March so hasta la vista, baby!

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