January 11, 2011

*News Flash!*

So many places to try, so little time (and money)!! Such is the story of my life. Maybe for some of you too. Regardless, it's important to stay updated on local food news... and for that, you've stumbled across the right page!

Attn: DTLA!
  • Temp. food truck lot has opened today at 7th & Fig! Check, check, check it out! {link}
  • Freebirds has landed in LA! I've heard so many great things about this place. Must. try. soon. {link}
  • Mas Malo, brother to Silverlake's Malo, has opened its doors. New HH hotspot? Possibly. {link}  But if you want fattening tacos that melt in your mouth, you gotta check these out: {link}
Westside Love
  • 15 cent tacos from Frida, 50 cent burgers and 20 cent fries from Barney's, 5 cent soft serve ice cream from Reddi Chick. Crazy deals at the Brentwood Country Mart on Fri., 1/21! {link}
  • You mean to tell me you still haven't stopped by Scoops Westside? Are we friends? Go, go, go! Find out the daily scoop and flavors here {link} or here {link}.
  • Hostaria del Piccolo has HH now? Someone please take me. {link}
  • Goodbye Anisette, Hello The Misfit. Perhaps it'll be more promising? {link}

Everything In-Between (aka - "Mid-Wilshire")
  • Word on the street is that Boiling Crab is opening its Koreatown location this weekend! Could it be?! Let's go! {link}
  • A Beer Bar at Rambuntan Thai? Interesting... {link} By the way, one of my fave pho places in LA is just a few doors down. It's so hipster that it doesn't even have a sign. (I think it's called Pho Cafe)
  • Mozza 2 Go. Still gotta check it out, but so far, I've been hearing great reviews! {link}
  • $5 pita sandwich that is delicious? Uh, why haven't I tried this yet? {link}

Can't Forget the Valley
  • Trying to go easy on the waistline and your pocketbook? Chop Stop opens up in Burbank! Score! {link
  • The Valley is goin' (stayin'?) gangstah on us. Starting with this new hangout, Prohibition Burgers + Beer {link}

Around the 'Bu
  • Grom's has officially opened! I'll be checking it out this Thurs. afternoon. Holler if you want in! {link}
  • Yes, another cupcake shop has opened up in LA (or Pacific Palisades to be exact). 27 flavors a day! {link}

And other news:
  • Beso files for bankruptcy. Poor Eva Longoria. The misfortunes of 2010 has followed her into 2011. {link}
  • Buy a Peet's coffee for a friend and get yours free!  Valid from today until next Tues. {coupon}
  • A food truck for dogs. Seriously? This is getting ridiculous... {link}
  • Sbux is going through a mid-life crises and is changing up its logo. {link}
  • So should First Fridays on Abbott Kinney include food trucks or not? The debate continues. {link}
  • dineLA is coming up! Have you made your reservations yet? {link}
  • Umami Burger going national and being more affordable? Hm. {link}

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