November 07, 2010

Saturday Supper Club Goes Big Fat Greek

If I wasn't a law student, I would spend my entire day cooking, eating, and feeding people. In a way, I feel like it's my job to ensure my friends and family are fed - and fed well. And I honestly feel great joy when I see people very satisfied with a hearty and delicious home-cooked meal.
Thanks Saturday Supper Club, for bringing me such joy on a monthly basis.

November: Greek Grub.

The Menu: 
  • Homemade hummus; white bean hummus, garlic hummus with white, wheat pita and Mediterranean flatbread
  • Chicken curry salad with quinoa, topped with spicy chipotle dressing
  • Homemade spinach and feta spanokopita
  • Homemade lemon & rosemary chicken
  • Homemade falafel
  • Trader Joe's falafel
  • Lamb (pseudo) pastitsio
  • Lamb basila (rice & peas)
  • Olives and dolmades from Papa Cristo's
  • Homemade lamb dolmades, beef cabbage rolls, squash rolls
  • Trader Joe's baklava 
  • Lots of wine

The visuals:

courtesy of LH and AJ

courtesy of AJ

courtesy of AC

They tasted way better than they looked.

courtesy of CC

courtesy of AC

courtesy of CD

courtesy of RF

courtesy of CD... and Arab friend

courtesy of AP

Thanks for coming and filling our humble abode with great laughter and warmth. (and thank you CD, for taking all the "pre-meal" photos).
Most of all, thanks for getting excited about cooking and trying different foods. I'm convinced everyone who is capable of reading can cook. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Looking forward to January:Viva Italiano at Amy's!


Recipes for the lemon chicken and falafel to follow... soon.

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