September 05, 2010

Marmalade Cafe

For awhile, I've complained about Malibu's lack of good food. This is still true to a certain extent, but over the summer Cafe Habana moved in, and in Jan., Grom is coming. Gradual improvement - good. Food for reasonable prices - needs work.

I've been to Marmalade once before dinner and I left without complaints, but without raving delight either. It was just a cozy place with decent food. When I went back recently for our APALSA dinner, the food and incredible service exceeded my expectations! Try this place, but be nice to receive nice treatment and order the right things. Here are some "right things":

Take a good look at this sammie -- it's stuffed with veggies. But the veggies were so meaty and the provolone cheese so tasty! The pesto and sun-dried tomato paste on either side of the 7-grain bread melded the rich tastes perfectly. - $11.95

Grilled Chicken Curry Salad - easily my new fave salad. This mixed greens salad with grilled chicken breast is tossed in this ginger curry vinaigrette (not too heavy, not too light) and garnished with pineapple, currants, dried cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, raisins, tangerines, fresh tomato and toasted coconut - $11.95 (half size)

Warm Seafood Cobb - mixed greens, tomatoes, bacon, provolone cheese, bleu cheese, avocado and diced egg topped with a bed of warm shrimp, scallops, and ahi tuna and tossed in an Italian vinaigrette - $17.95

Other winners around the table included: Chicken Dijonnaise - chicken breast sauteed with artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms and tossed in a light Dijon mustard cream sauce and served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Yumz!

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cuisine: American
location: Malibu, CA (also in SM, El Segundo, Calabasas, LA, Sherman Oaks)
hours: Mon-Thurs/ Sun: 7:30am - 9pm; Fri/ Sat: 7:30am - 10pm
website: { Marmalade | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: lot (free)
specials: Lobster specials every Tuesday! Also, if you are a Pepperdine student, show your ID for a 20% discount!