September 02, 2010

La Brea Bakery... in Malibu?!

Ta-da! La Brea Bakery opened up shop on the Pepperdine campus. Whatwhat.

Decent but non-exhaustive list of pastries

Turkey Bacon Cheese panini with a cup of clam chowdah - $6.92

Apricot almond danish and Banana pound cake - $2.75 each

A closer look of the goodies

La Brea Bakery is one of the many fantastic bakeries in LA. I mean, the bread that leaves their ovens scream deliciousness. So you can only imagine my surprise/excitement/utter joy when I learned La Brea was coming onto campus "in 2010." Well, after much delay, they finally opened this past Monday. Since Monday is my death day and I'm not on campus on Tuesdays, I naturally found my way there today. 

In short, I was not disappointed with the quality, however, I must note that the selection is slim. I guess this comes to no (drastic) surprise, but I was really hoping to see the famous artichoke sandwich or some burrata on the menu. Nope, zip, nada. But with what they did have (simple turkey, tuna, and mozza sammies and a few salad selections), it was not too shabby.

As for baked goods, the apricot danish was a bit harder than desired, but the banana pound cake was just as pound cake should be: most and flavorful.

I shall return, maybe next time, earlier in the day.

La Brea Bakery on La Brea { yelp }

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  1. i am extremely jealous!
    i love the ham and gruyere! :)