August 08, 2010

root 246

"Ive's Shake and Bake fried Rocky Jr. chicken" w/ whipped creme fraiche potatoes, gala apples, julienned - $29

Guinness short braised ribs w/ rock shrimp over sweet polenta - $32

Pan-seared Black Cod, avocado puree, petite greens and lemon aioli - $19

Organic Caeser salad w/ farm fresh poached egg, shaved Reggiano cheese - $12

What could possibly be better than delicious food? Meeting the chef, of course. Oh hi, Mr. Bradley Ogden! .
A successful dinner, worth every penny.

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cuisine: "Modern American"
location: Solvang, CA
hours: M/T: bar only; W-F: 5pm - 10pm; Sat/Sun: 10:30am (bar) - 10pm
website: { 246 | yelp }
good for: D
attire: Casual/ Dressy
parking: street
note: If you can't get restaurant reservations, you can eat in the bar/ lounge area -- same dinner menu.