August 01, 2010

Paradise Cove

The Old #3 (Applewood bacon, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, cheese & garlic) - $13

Avocado, Applewood Bacon, and Jack Cheese Omelet - $13

Butter for two slices of toast. A bit excessive, no?

Pictures courtesy of AJ. :)

Going to school in Malibu is a blessing. I wish I could say the same for eating in Malibu.
With the exception of some delicious home-cooked meals I've had the fortune to enjoy and one or two eateries, Malibu severely lacks yummy (affordable) restaurants. But since you should never assume what's decent or not without trying it first-hand, I gave Paradise Cove a shot.

The quality of the food for its price was as expected: mediocre and a tad bit disappointing. However, the service was pretty good considering the large crowd and the overall chill vibe was inviting after two weeks of grueling finals. The nice option is that you can take a quick walk on the beach immediately after your meal.

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cuisine: American
location: Malibu, CA
hours: M-F: 8am - 10pm; Sat-Sun: 7am - 10pm
website: { PC | yelp }
good for: B, L
attire: Casual
parking: street or lot ($3 w/ validation)
note: Outdoor seating = dining on sand.